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Biominar is a science-dissemination project. Find more below.

Biominar is a project for dissemination of multiple activities about the biodiversity of Neves-Corvo Region, funded by Somincor- Sociedade Mineira de Neves Corvo and Lundim- Mining Corporation, with the Scientific coordination by Cristina Branquinho of CBA-FCUL and the participation of Alice Nunes, Margarida Santos-Reis, Otília Correia, Paula Matos, Pedro Pinho, Silvana Munzi, Susana Tápia, Zulmira Gamito.

Other CBA members participated in this project: César Garcia, Leena Luís, Maria da Luz Calado and Sérgio Chozas.

The Neves-Corvo region is located within an important geologic formation: the Iberian Pyritic Belt, extending from the Atlantic to Spain over a distance of 250 km. It is the currently active Neves-Corvo mine that is the symbolic center of the region and is the focus of this work. All its habitats reflect the strong seasonality characteristic of the Mediterranean climate. It is on the biodiversity hosted by these landscapes that this work is focused.

Biominar is composed of four activities: a website and a field-guide, a movie and a workshop.


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