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Lichens as a tool for interpretation of environmental changes and management - post- graduated course

Lichens as a tool for the interpretation of environmental changes and management

9-13 June 2015 | 4 days lectures and lab classes + one day field excursion

This is a CE3C 2015 Advanced Course (see here other courses). With this course, we aim at providing the participants with basic knowledge on lichen biology and ecology, biomonitoring approaches and data analysis and interpretation. This will allow participants to use lichens as a tool to interpret environmental conditions and to contribute to a scientific-based environmental management. Download the flyer here. The program is available here.

  • Lichen biology and ecology
  • Systematic
  • Ecophysiology
  • Using lichen functional diversity: from topsoil to trees
  • Biomonitoring
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Field excursion


The lichens course will be held in association with theĀ 7th International Workshop on Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Pollution that will take place in the following week (14-17 June 2015) also in Lisboa. We invite the course participants to attend the workshop, where several issues related to biomonitoring will be discussed.

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