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DesertWarning: Ecosystem Structure and Functional Diversity as early-warning indicators of Desertification and Land-degradation (DLD) is a research project aiming at providing a new approach on the problem “which areas are more susceptible to desertification, now and in the future?”.

We seek tools to anticipate the impacts of DLD:
1) by finding early warning-indicators of the DLD process – rather than measuring its impact;
2) by using structural and functional characteristics of vegetation, rather than a site specific non-functional approach;

Along a bioclimatic DLD gradient established in the semi/arid region of southwest Europe (Portugal) we are characterizing changes in vegetation functional groups and structure, using field inventories, remote sensed data and historical land-cover maps.

DesertWarning is funded by FCT (PTDC/AAC-CLI/104913/2008).

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