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Biominar: dissemination activities about the biodiversity of Neves-Corvo Region

This project was done with the scientific coordination of Cristina Branquinho and the participation of Alice Nunes, Margarida Santos-Reis, Otília Correia, Paula Matos, Pedro Pinho, Silvana Munzi, Susana Tápia and Zulmira Gamito.

It was composed of four activities: a website and a field-guide, a movie and a workshop. More information here.

Lichens as a tool for interpretation of environmental changes and management - post- graduated course

January 28 - February 1, 2013 | Faculty of Sciences – Universidade de Lisboa | 36h | 6 ECTS

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ESFE on TV - Sociedade Civil

22 Mar 2012 | RTP 2

Cristina Máguas was interviewed by the TV programme "Sociedade Civil" on RTP 2 about the "World Water Day" and the "Water Footprint ".

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Lichens in magazine cover

The group aboutmedia launched its 2012 edition of the listing of private companies providing environmental services. Our research group supplied the lichen photos for the cover and inside images.


ESFE on TV - Biosfera

29 Feb 2012 | RTP 2

Interview about the use of ecological indicators of climate changes, aiming at providing a set of indicators to assist us in detecting the early signs of desertification and land degradation and even to anticipate it.

video (PT)

ESFE on TV - Biosfera

29 Feb 2012 | RTP 2

Interview about Riarian habitat and water quality in urban areas: water quality biomonitoring and evaluation of ecological status of riparian areas by using biodiversity and ecological indices.

video (PT)

Newspaper article about the ongoing dry weather in Portugal with Cristina Branquinho and Cristina Máguas

24 Mar 2012 | Expresso

Não há bela sem senão – Expresso

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28 November 2011 | RTP 2

Cristina Branquinho
: Interview about Desertification and Land Degradation in Portugal on "Sociedade Civil" in RTP 2


Cristina Máguas was interviewed on national radio Antena 1

15 Mar 2012 | Antena 1

Invasive plants in Portugal – Os dias do Futuro

Listen to the interview here (PT)

News on “Scientists detect an invisible “revolution” of Acacia against native plants”

13 Mar 2012 | Publico

You don’t need many acacias to change an ecosystem. One alone can change the soils, by invisible interactions and at a greater distance than expected.

Read all about it on the paper by Cristina Máguas on the newspaper Publico (PT) or ScienceDaily.

Or read it on Naturlink or Ciencia Hoje (PT). Check also the original scientific paper published on Ecology Letters.

Highlights by Terra-Alerta on SIC-noticias

Project GISA - Gestão Integrada de Saúde e Ambiente (2008-2011)
Project featuring CBA-ESFE members, within a regional scale (Alcácer do Sal, Grândola, Santiago do Cacém, Sines e Odemira). Aims at implementing an integrated space and time air-quality information system, in order to monitorize, evaluate and alert to environmental hazard situations, to health, in the Alentejo coastal areas. It is a multidisciplin project with specialists from human health, environment, engeneering and sociology.

Check the video here (PT)

The Environmental Stress & Functional Ecology is a research group within cE3c, Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes