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  coordination of research projects

FCT Project | Modeling Ecosystem Structure and Functional Diversity as early-warning indicators of Desertification and Land-degradation - from regional to local level.
2010-2012 (PTDC/AAC-CLI/104913/2008)

FCT Project | Pursuing Green Cofee Geographic origin discrimination through relations between isotopes and environmental factors (IsoGeoCoffe)

2010-2012 (PTDC/AGR-AAM/104357/2008)

participation in research projects

International Project | Effects of marine influence on the foredune vegetation: study of the ecophysiology and water resources using isotopic analysis.

2010-2011 University of Sevilha (Juan Bautista Gallego)

International Project | Competitive balance of an invasive alien and native dune species under changes in ground water availability.

(DFG, Germany)

International Project | Competitive balance of an invasive alien and native dune species under changes in ground water availability.

(DFG, Germany)

FCT Project | Developing an adaptive management system for predicting and mitigating damage caused the pine wilt nematode Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae) in Portugal.
2010-2012 (PTDC/AGR-CFL/098869/2008)

FCT Project | WUSSIAAME - Water use, survival strategies and impact of agrochemicals on water resources in agricultural mediterranean ecosystems

2010-2012 (PTDC/AAC-AMB/100635/2008)

FCT Project | Long-term socio-ecological research and monitoring in a Mediterranean cultural landscape (LTER Montado).

2010-2013 (LTER/BIA-BEC/0048/2009)

FCT Project | Spheres of ecosystem response to nitrogen (SERN): A case study in a Mediterranean-type ecosystem in southern Portugal

2010-2013 (PTDC/BIA-BEC/ 99323/2008)

private research contracts

Private research contract | GISA – Integrated Management of Environment and Health in the Alentejo Litoral Region.

GISA (“Gestão Integrada de Saúde e Ambiente”) its research project within Alentejo Litoral. It aims at the implementation of an integrated information system of air-quality to monitor, evaluate and alert to situations of danger to the public health. It is a multidisciplinary project that includes health, environment, engineer and sociology experts.

2007-2010 (Private Companies: Petróleos de Portugal-PETROGAL, S.A.; REPSOL Polímeros, Lda.; Administração do Porto de Sines, S.A.; Águas de Santo André, S.A.; Apiparques–Gestão de Parques Industriais, S.A.; Carbogal–Carbonos de Portugal, S.A.; EDP–Gestão da Produção de Energia, S.A.; EuroResinas-Indústrias Químicas, S.A.; Kimaxtr –Produtos de Construção S.A.; Repsol Polímeros, Lda.; REN–Atlântico, Terminal de GNL, S.A. Local authorities: Municipality of Sines, Santiago do Cacém, Odemira, Grândola and Alcácer do Sal).

Private research contract | Ecological management of revegetated areas: A case study on mediterranean calcareous quarries.

2008-2011 (SECIL contract).

Private research contract | Evaluating the atmospheric deposition of heavy metals and PCDD/Fs in the surroundings of the SECIL-Outão industry using biomonitors.
2009-2010 (SECIL)

Private research contract | Plano de monitorização do estado de conservação biológica de depressões dunares em Osso da Baleia (Pombal).

2008-2010 (REN – Armazenagem SA)

The Environmental Stress & Functional Ecology is a research group within cE3c, Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes